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 How to Straighten a Curved Tree Trunk in Huntsville, AL?

How to Straighten a Curved Tree Trunk in Huntsville, AL?

You may not notice an issue with a tree until something unusual catches your attention. Whether it is colorful fungi or a new bend in your tree trunk, plenty of issues can plague an otherwise sturdy tree and cause health concerns. 

Are you wondering how to straighten a curved tree trunk? Allow ACE Tree Service, a top arborist in Huntsville, to explain some handy tree trunk correction techniques and what you can achieve with a proper brace system for leaning trees.

How To Know if You Need To Straighten Your Tree

Understandably, there’s a sense of urgency when you’re trying to save trees that are beautiful and beneficial to your yard. Wind and various other factors may mean you have to undertake a few young tree straightening techniques as your landscaping develops, but it pays to do it right the first time. It’s no easy job.

To straighten a curved tree, an arborist will use the following supplies:

  • Stakes
  • A hose
  • A mallet or sledgehammer
  • Sleeves to protect the bark
  • Rope or wire

Steps For How To Straighten a Curved Tree Trunk

If possible, you’ll want to straighten a tree before the curve becomes lean. With simple tools from a hardware store or an arborist shop, you may be able to work on your DIY tree straightening. However, it’s often safer and much less effort to just hire an arborist for this tree-straightening task.

Here’s what to expect from a professional tree straightening exercise:

1. Insert Stakes

Natural methods for straightening saplings include simple stakes to hold them up. A mallet or sledgehammer will force the stakes into the ground, preferably at a 45-degree angle toward the trunk and upwind. That way, the stakes can support the tree in harsh bouts of weather.

2. Straighten the Tree

The arborist’s next step for how to straighten a curved tree trunk is to do just that and stand it upright. If your tree is a little less pliable than most, a water hose might help it bend more easily (soaked wood is more flexible than dry wood). Then, the arborist will gently bend the tree until it is near your posts and facing the desired angle it should grow for the foreseeable future.

3. Secure the Tree to the Stakes

Once the arborist has positioned your tree, the team will wrap the protective sleeve around your tree and bind it to the stakes with a rope or cord. Then, corrective pruning for curved trunks may be in order, especially if your tree sags in the wrong direction because of the weight of its own branches.

Learn More From the Tree Experts

Now that you know how to straighten a curved tree trunk, you may also realize that it can be quite a hassle to master. Why not trust the tree experts from ACE Tree Service? Whether you want to learn the difference between an insect infestation and the presence of beneficial insects on your tree or correct a leaning tree, we can help. Call 205-332-7757 today!

Can Trees Get Sick in Tuscaloosa, AL?

Can Trees Get Sick in Tuscaloosa, AL?

Trees have adapted over thousands of years to survive outdoors and brave just about anything Mother Nature throws at them. They give us shade, fruits, habitat for wildlife, and oxygen. Trees also contribute to the natural beauty of our surroundings.    

Can trees get sick? What causes trees to get sick, and how can you tell you have a sick tree in your yard?  

As Tuscaloosa’s reliable tree service, the ACE Tree Service crew explores common tree ailments and outlines the most common signs of tree disease.   

What Causes Tree Illnesses?  

Most tree health issues develop from factors similar to the causes of illnesses in humans. Bacteria and viruses infect trees, causing many illnesses. Trees can also experience health problems because of chemicals, inclement weather, or excessive/ insufficient water.  

Trees also succumb to illness from pest and insect infestations. Animals like deer, squirrels, and cattle can also damage trees. Fungi can adversely affect a tree’s health, as can weeds and unhealthy soil.  

The most common diseases affecting trees include anthracnose, Dutch elm disease, and root rot. These diseases can have a significant impact on tree health and can spread rapidly or even kill the tree if poorly managed.  

Symptoms of Tree Illness  

Can trees get sick? Yes, they can. In fact, sick trees pose a health and safety hazard.   

Detecting tree sickness beforehand helps nip things in the bud before they get out of hand. Watch for the following tree illness symptoms:  

Dead and Weak Branches  

Dry, cracked, or dropping branches point to a severely damaged or injured tree in need of professional attention. Hire a tree care expert to inspect the tree for disease and address the issue promptly.  

Tree Bark Issues  

A sick tree may exhibit moist, discolored, weeping, or flaking bark. When the tree bark has issues, the rest of the tree suffers.  

Drying or Wilted Leaves  

When leaves wilt or dry prematurely, they’re probably getting insufficient moisture and nutrition. Anything from rot to insect infestation can cause leaf damage. 

Mold and Decay  

Mold often points to a tree rotting from within or one with excess moisture on its bark. This typically happens with trees growing in muddy or boggy areas.  

Insect Attacks  

Pest attacks can deteriorate a tree’s health quickly. If you suspect a pest or insect infestation, call a professional to inspect your tree right away and recommend the best solution.  

Seek Professional Help  

The best way to establish whether you have a sick tree that needs help is to call a certified arborist. These seasoned tree experts will assess the tree and recommend the best option. Some trees may need prompt treatment, bracing, or other remedies to restore them to optimal health.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts  

Now that you know the answer to, “Can trees get sick?” you can’t entrust just anyone for your tree care needs. Count on ACE Tree Service for a wide range of tree care services, including:

  • Plant health care  
  • Tree removal  
  • Certified arboristservices  
  • Tree cabling and bracing  

Call ACE Tree Service at (205) 332-7757 to request top-tier tree services in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or nearby. 

Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Tuscaloosa, AL?

Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Tuscaloosa, AL?

While trees provide many benefits, some circumstances make tree removal necessary. For example, an aging or storm-damaged tree presents a safety hazard to people and property. In such cases, you must remove the tree for safety reasons.  

Do you need a tree removal permit to cut down a tree in your yard? You may assume that if a tree stands on your land, you can remove it legally. However, that’s not always the case. Most jurisdictions regard trees as part of the community and regulate their unnecessary removal.  

As Tuscaloosa’s top-rated tree service, the ACE TREE Service crew explores tree removal regulations and the importance of obtaining a tree removal permit before cutting down a tree.  

Tree Removal Permit Requirements  

Various cities, Tuscaloosa included, have local tree ordinances that regulate tree removal in the woods as well as on private property.   

These ordinances typically provide details of local tree preservation and removal guidelines and provide details of how to obtain tree removal authorization, among other guidelines.   

You wouldn’t want to remove a protected tree without a permit, as you may end up paying a fine or dealing with other legal issues.  

Tree Removal in Tuscaloosa  

You typically don’t need a tree removal permit to remove a dead, diseased, or hazardous tree. You should also be able to remove a tree not considered significant because of its small size without a permit.   

If you suspect a tree in your landscape needs removal, hire a certified arborist to evaluate its health and structural integrity so they can advise you accordingly. Should the arborist consider your tree hazardous, you can remove it without having to wait for a tree removal permit.  

For example, you don’t need a permit to remove a tree infested with southern pine bark beetles. On the other hand, you need a permit to remove any tree on public land or in the woods as it falls under the city or state’s protection.  

If the tree you plan to remove is a heritage, native, or endangered, you must seek permission for tree removal regardless of where it grows. 

Seek Expert Advice  

If you need help with municipal tree removal guidelines, check out your local tree removal ordinances. Better yet, contact the local authorities or seek professional advice from a local arborist.  

Expect your local tree care expert to have an in-depth understanding of the municipal tree removal guidelines.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

Now that you understand the tree removal permit requirements in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, you can’t hire just anyone for tree removal or other tree care services. Trust ACE TREE Services for top-tier tree care solutions. We bring professionalism and experience to every job.   

Our crew specializes in various tree care services, including:  

  • Tree removal  
  • Certified arborist services  
  • Sustainable pest management  
  • Tree cabling and bracing  

Call ACE TREE Service at (205) 332-7757 to request a quote for tree service in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or the surrounding areas. Our experts can help you determine whether you need a tree removal permit.  

How To Cut High Tree Branches in Your Auburn, AL, Home

How To Cut High Tree Branches in Your Auburn, AL, Home

Are your trees growing a little higher than your liking? You might not have to cut it down to the tree stump or drill holes in the root system, but you will have to reach a little higher if you want to reach those higher branches. This might leave you wondering how to cut high tree branches safely and effectively.

As Auburn’s leading arborists, the team at ACE Tree Service knows how to successfully and safely cut high tree branches. We'll explain everything you need to know below.

Carefully Prune and Cut Tree Branches - Don't Rush!

It's crucial to prune properly by using the right equipment and cuts. Using the wrong tools or making the wrong moves could risk jeopardizing the whole job. If you prune too deep, you could end up wounding the tree.

To be more methodical when pruning taller trees, you'll need to use wider-reaching tools. Different approaches might be better suited for different species of trees. Nevertheless, you may want to consider making use of:

  • A pole pruner:This will afford you more reach than a typical pruning saw.
  • A pole saw: These can cut deeper than a traditional pole pruner.
  • A high-limb chainsaw: Thicker trees might warrant thicker blades.

To trim your tree branches more effectively, you'll need to think about more than just blade selection!

Take Stock of Your Tree Trimming Tools

When learning how to cut high tree branches, you'll need other essential equipment to effectively trim your tall tree beyond blades. This equipment isn't just essential for effectively completing the job but for your health and safety. To appropriately meet the elements, you'll need to use appropriate equipment, such as:

  • Safety goggles: You don't want to have tree dust and pine getting into your eyes.
  • Strong work gloves: These are the most reliable way to prevent finger cuts as you prune.
  • Shoes with non-slip soles: Climbing shoes will give you a safer foothold.

Ladders, ropes, and harnesses can give you more leverage. Make sure you assess the weaknesses in the tree's structure before climbing. If it's too high for normal tools to do the trick, consider utilizing an arborist who can employ an industrial crane or bucket lift. 

Hire a Professional Tree Service Provider To Do It for You

The best way to get the results you want in a shorter amount of time is by hiring a professional. Experienced arborists know how to cut high tree branches using industry-leading equipment and techniques. They also have sufficient safety gear.  

Unless you have experience in this area, it's always best to hire a professional to take on this task for you.

Alabama Residents Deserve Nothing Less Than ACE Tree Service!

Whether you need help with pruning or have problems with tree pests like bagworms, we have your back!

Do you need to trim a tall tree or need other professional arborist services? Call 205-332-7757 for ACE Tree Service in Auburn, Alabama!

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