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Whiteflies: A Persistent Pest in Alabama's Gardens

Whiteflies are small Hemipterans known for causing havoc in gardens across Alabama, particularly in the Birmingham and Huntsville regions.

These pests typically feed on the underside of plant leaves, targeting plants like privet and gardenias.

Ace Tree Services is committed to helping homeowners understand the risks posed by whiteflies, the damage they cause to plants, and the solutions we provide to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

What Are Whiteflies?

During the summer months, whiteflies can turn your privet and gardenias black, creating a massive white cloud of irritating insects when you brush against an infested plant. Whiteflies feed by tapping into the plant's phloem, introducing toxic saliva and decreasing the plant's overall turgor pressure. When whiteflies congregate in large numbers, susceptible plants can be quickly overwhelmed. Additionally, the honeydew they produce encourages the growth of sooty mold, further damaging the plants. Whiteflies can also transmit diseases from one plant to another, exacerbating the problem.

How to Control Whiteflies

"Control" might be a strong word when it comes to whiteflies. Due to their rapid reproduction, these pests can quickly develop resistance to chemical pesticides. The USDA recommends implementing an integrated program that emphasizes prevention and relies on cultural and biological control methods when possible.

In cases of heavy infestations, an initial pesticide application may be necessary. However, repeated applications can lead to pesticide-resistant strains of whiteflies. To minimize the impact on the natural predators of whiteflies, care should be taken to choose insecticides with minimal adverse effects on beneficial insects.

Ace Tree Services offers a range of effective solutions to combat whiteflies in Alabama, focusing on prevention and sustainable control methods. Our approach includes releasing beneficial insects like green lacewing larvae, which can help keep whitefly populations below threshold levels once control is established.

Trust Ace Tree Services to help protect your landscape from the damaging effects of whiteflies in the Birmingham and Huntsville areas. Our expert guidance and environmentally friendly treatment solutions will ensure that your garden remains vibrant and healthy. Call an ISA certified arborist from Ace Tree Service at (205) 332-7757!

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