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Trimming a tree in Birmingham, Al

There is a large ambrosia beetle infestation at Aldridge Gardens in Hoover, Al - Birmingham area. In particular these four Magnolias are Eddie Aldridge's pride and joy so we were hired to prune out every single dead limb that the beetle was inside to try to save the tree. The ambrosia beetle bores into the twig and and leaves a fungus that kills the twigs.

The beetle is no bigger than the point of an ink pin. But it can cause major damage.

Our Customers Say

Review by Cecelia U. in Homewood, AL
Project: Remove Trees
ACE Tree crew was courteous, appropriately dressed and highly skilled. They removed an 85+ yr old oak next to power/communication lines in my backyard. They left my property clean and loaded the excess oak firewood onto my neighbor's trailer. They were as synchronized as a NASCAR pit crew and I would give them my highest recommendation. Great job guys!
Rating: 5.0
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